Sunday, January 28, 2007

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eight months

Dear Henry,
You are eight months old, and you are such a delight! You are a happy baby, full of smiles and baby songs.
Your morning nap is now nearly two hours long. Your afternoon nap is shorter, and you usually don't protest it at all - you are happy to be left in your crib. We put you to sleep on your back but you prefer to sleep on your stomach. You have been getting up frequently during the night, but after a few minutes of rocking and cuddling together you are content to be put back in your crib.
We have been delinquent in updating your blog. Even with very few organized activities, the past month has been a busy one. The days have a rythm and routine now. Our basement renovation is still going on and you don't mind it at all. You greet the fellows with big smiles each day. Aunt Katrina is staying with us now, and you greet her with big smiles each day too.
We celebrated your first Christmas last month and took our annual "Tour of Southwestern Ontario" to visit friends and family in Stratford, Orangeville and Blyth. You were great the whole time - you loved the noise and chaos and new faces. You slept in the pack'n'play at each destination and were content with it - you enjoy sharing a room with us. We celebrated New Years with you and took you to a party, and you slept contentedly throughout - even when the noisemakers came out!
You are a good eater. You eat everything we offer, and fuss very little during meals - except when the bowl is empty! You've tried all sorts of different vegetables and fruits, and we've started a bit of dairy and meat. We've started giving you Cheerios, and it's amazing to watch you carefully and intently pick them up and put them in your mouth.

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