Thursday, March 26, 2009

March break

Mike is on vacation this week, so we took a bit of a March break to explore upstate New York. We stayed in the Finger Lakes region, and we spent some time in Rochester at the Science Center and at the Museum of Play. They were both outstanding - especially the Museum of Play. We weren't sure what to expect but were amazed at the quality of facilities, activities and programs. It was a blast - especially for Henry. We were there for 5 hours - the longest period of time we've spent at one location in a long time - and Henry was utterly exhausted at the end of it. We've never been to Rochester before, but we'll definitely be back. If only that darn Toronto to Rochester ferry were still operating! We also took advantage of the hotel pool to give Thomas his first swim. It was the end of a busy day and he was quite relaxed as we floated around the pool.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Six months (and a bit)

Dear Thomas -
I'm tardy again, with a post and with pictures. But there is lots to cover now. You are an adorable baby boy. You've got delicious big cheeks and you love lots of kisses on your cheeks. Your hair is growing and getting darker, but you've still got about 10 hairs on the top of your head that are twice as long as the others. I love to twirl them around my finger. Your hair is fuzzy and we wonder whether you will have some curls when it fills in. Your eyes are still big and blue, and very much like your brother's. People compliment you on your eyes all the time. At six months, you are not rolling over by yourself or sitting up by yourself, but we keep practicing. You love to touch your toes when they are exposed and you are ticklish all over. You've had a bit of a rash around your neck, which we attribute to your drooling. We try to keep it dry but it's a struggle! You are strong and love to stand up. You also love your exersaucer - it keeps you entertained. At your six month checkup you weighed 17.5 pounds and were XX inches long. Which means we can keep you in the bucket carseat for a while longer - hooray! It's definitely getting harder to carry you in the bucket, but that is far outweighed by the convenience of this device. Your routine is becoming a bit more settled. You sleep well - especially at night - but are usually up once a night for a quick feeding. You are getting better with daytime naps, but they are still very brief. We've tried to start solid food with you and you are resisting it - you purse your lips and shake your head. Are you holding out for something in particular? We also tried a bottle with some formula, and received the same negative reaction from you. You love to watch Henry and you delight in his antics. No one can make you laugh the way he can. And he is so good with you - it's lovely to watch the relationship between you develop. Henry has pledged to go to you if you cry when you are in the baby room at daycare. Lately we've been busy selecting some activities for the spring. This is our last session of activities before I return to work so we will make it special!

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