Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seven months

Dear Thomas -

Seven months already! You are more of a delight each day. This month has seen many changes. You got your first tooth - which we hardly noticed until it was poking out of your gum! You weren't terribly bothered by it. A second tooth is coming in right next to it too.

We've been trying solids for several weeks now, and for a long time you refused them. You would clamp your lips shut and turn your head. It didn't seem to matter what we offered - cereal, fruit or vegetables - the response was the same each time. But over the past 5 days you've shown some willingness to eat solids - thank goodness! Our next challenge is to work on accepting a bottle!

You sleep well at night, although you're still up at least once each night. Hopefully eating more solids will help tide you over. During the day, your naps are unpredictable and often brief. You still fit into the bucket carseat, so you often snooze on the move. And you are often hauled around town, to different activities and events.

You love watching the other babies and children at these activities - and you love interacting with your brother! You watch his every move. And he loves to entertain you. The biggest and deepest giggles we've ever heard you utter were the result of Henry's antics as he hid under a blanket and then revealed himself to you. It was a sweet moment, watching the two of you interact.

You are a sweet baby and we all adore you!

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