Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Finally - the photo feature is working. So, here are some shots from Halloween. Mike had a class so it was up to Henry and I to greet the kids and enjoy the festivities. We were both in costume (I wore my usual - the red crayon costume). Henry joined me at the front door in his highchair. I call my jack-o-lantern design "The Henry" (since it has big eyes, and seems to be saying "ohhh"- just like Henry often did when he was a newborn). It's a bit simple, but we were rushed - I carved it at about 5:00 (Tuesdays are busy days: Storytime at the library in the morning, Bouncing Back With Baby in the afternoon). We then made a quick trip to visit some of the neighbours and show off our costumes. After that it was a short night - Henry didn't nap well during the day, so when he started showing signs of fatigue at 6:45 we shut things down and he went to bed.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is pretty much what we plan to wear for the next week . . .

And can you blame us? How cute are these two! This is Henry the lion with his friend Noah the pumpkin. The photos are courtesy of Noah's mom Lisa. Thanks Lisa!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First solids

It starts with getting comfortable in the new highchair.
Then, the main course is unveiled: rice cereal (aka pablum). Henry enjoyed every bite.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Henry's swing

119 Friends Club

We had brunch on Sunday morning with Al, Nat, Michelle, Jess and John. It was great to catch up with the 119 Friends Club. Our education in photography must continue, and our next lesson must include "the proper and timely use of the flash" - because most of our photos turned out too dark.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

More scenes from Vegas - Henry's first swim at The Flamingo

Henry wasn't a huge fan of the pool (we'll keep trying) but he did enjoy the waterfalls and the wildlife pavilion at the hotel.

Vegas baby!

Well, it's not exactly the first place you think of when someone says "family holiday" - but it was the site of daddy's conference, so Henry and I went along for the ride. Henry was terrific, and loved it - he was great on the airplane and he loved all the people-watching opportunities. On elevators and on the street he would study the face of a stranger and then break into a big smile and wait for the person to notice him and smile back - and often they did! Since it got dark at about 6:30 pm we did see the lights on the Strip. We spent our days walking the Strip and shopping in the malls (including a fabulous Carter's outlet store - we love Carter's!). When daddy had some downtime we took Henry for his first swim in the pool at our hotel - The Flamingo. The water was a bit cool so we didn't stay in very long. We visited "Paris" and "Venice" (both fake with a capital K) and visited the tiger at the Mirage and the fish at the Forum. We watched the water ballet in the fountains at the Bellagio and we bought some souvenirs at the M&M store. And we watched the rain storm at the Alladin and the volcano erupt at the Mirage.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy thanksgiving!

We spent the long weekend visiting with family - and even had a chance to visit Henry's great-grandmothers! We paid a surprise visit to great-grandma Anna.
And we met some of Henry's second cousins - great-grandma Ruth has her arms full - and we're missing some kids from this photo!
Henry tells grammy Hamilton a story.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Toes are delicious

and so are fingers.

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