Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy holidays everyone!

Weekly update

Where do the days go? Last Sunday we attended the annual ASUS Christmas Brunch - everyone was there (even the Ottawa contingent!) and the photo shows Henry being loaded into the car as we headed to the brunch. Monday and Tuesday Henry and I headed downtown for a few lunch events. Wednesday we were on the road again - this time to Stratford, to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and to escape the drywall dust at home! The basement renovation is coming along, and we think it looks great - we can't wait to play down there. We were back to Toronto on Thursday, and Friday we spent the day cleaning up the drywall dust in the house. Today we've been preparing for the holidays.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Seven months

Dear Henry,
It feels like just yesterday that we wrote about the six-month milestone! The days are passing more and more quickly. Over the past month we have introduced many new foods to you. You have tried and enjoyed all types of fruits and vegetables (including avocado!). You haven't rejected anything, except for your cereal when it hasn't been mixed with any fruits or veggies. We have been renovating the basement this month, and the house seems filled with workers. They don't bother you a bit. You notice them, and their voices and the sounds that they make, but remarkably they haven't disturbed any of your naps. A new part of our routine is naked playtime, which we do at night right before your bath. We strip you down and put you on the rug in your room, and you shimmy, roll and scooch around. You will be even more mobile soon! You recognize and respond (sometimes) to your name. We play a new game with you - we ask, "where's Henry?" and we look around everywhere except your face, and wait for you to make a sound to catch our attention, and then we make eye contact with you. You break into big smiles when we lift you up from your change table - and you are still very busy surveying your surroundings.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hanging out

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Welcome home Grandma & Grandpa Robinson!

Some highlights from the past week

No photos to accompany the text - sorry! On Monday evening we attended a meeting of the Board of Directors of Mothercraft, and then attended the Holiday Party that followed. Henry was in the infant carrier the whole time and loved it. On Tuesday we were downtown for a meeting, and Henry hung out with dad for a couple hours and visited the nice people at Dad's office. Wednesday we did some errands related to our basement renovation. Aunt Katrina came for a visit Wednesday night and she joined us at our last music class which was Thursday morning. We think that there was some serious teething happening on Thursday night, but there's still no sign of any pearly whites. Friday we had a date with our mom group and we participated in a gift exchange with our baby friends in that group. Tomorrow we're going to meet Grandma Laney and Grandpa Ralph at the airport.

Blanket weather

One of the nice things about the cold weather is that it gives us an opportunity to use some of the beautiful blankets we received as baby gifts. There's nothing sweeter than a little cuddle together with a soft blanket!

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