Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Four months

Dear Thomas,
It seems that the curse of the second child has proven to be true in our household - I was never particularly good at keeping the blog up-to-date for your brother, but with you, I am particularly delinquent. The photo was taken on the day you turned four months old, but it has taken me several weeks to upload it and add some text. You are a delightful baby - sweet, smiling and easy-going. Your sleep patterns are becoming well established. You are thriving and weighed 15.5 pounds at your four month check-up. Your eyes are still big and blue and beautiful, and people often compliment you about them. You watch your brother intently and love soaking up everything he is doing. He enjoys speaking baby-speak to you ("couchie-couchie") even though we encourage him to use real words. Fortunately your brother and his whirlwind of activity and chatter does not disrupt you when you are asleep in your crib. You have a sensitive soul and let out the saddest cry when you are upset. You were particularly upset when I removed the bandage that covered the site of the injection for your four-month vaccination - more upset than you were by the injection itself. You aren't rolling over yet, which I attribute mostly to the fact that you sleep in a sleep sak, which makes it difficult. I promise we'll work on this skill in the days ahead.

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