Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ten months

Dear Henry,

You're ten months old! And you're such a big boy - every day you seem to be a little more of a boy and a little less of a baby.

You've been going to daycare for six weeks now, and you seem to be thriving there. You smile when we walk through the front door each morning. The new toys, friendly children and wonderful staff have made it an easy transition for all of us.

You are still eating well, although you've developed a new habit. When you don't like something, you stick out your tongue and use your finger to scrape the offensive food off. We've seen you do this with fish, cauliflower and yellow beans. Where did you learn this trick? We swear it wasn't from us!
You are busier than ever these days. You are always on the go, and always wanting to do more. The days of being content sitting still are over. You prefer to be outside your Exersaucer rather than sitting in it - this allows you to enjoy the toys and entertainment it provides, without being constrained by it. If you catch a glimpse of the pile of toys in your room in the morning, you lunge for them and seem to insist that we let you play with them. We've now put them in a box, covered with a blanket. You cry (with tears!) if we take a toy away, or try to interupt your play for a diaper change, or try to put you in the highchair for a meal. This is a big (and good) cognitive development, but it doesn't make it any easier to get out the door in the morning or get dinner started.

You also love to be mobile. You roll and scooch around the floor, and you've started crawling, sort-of: you pull yourself along with your arms, and drag your legs behind. You won't get up on your knees and use them to help. You've got great upper body strength. You also love to stand, and love to walk (assisted by us). The loudest cries happen when we stop walking with you!

You are much more vocal now. You chirp all day long, with baby songs and chatter. You say "mama" and "dada" indiscriminately.
You still sleep very well - you're in bed at 7:30pm, and you usually sleep through the night. Sometimes your teeth bother you, and you wake up - but that is still fairly rare. Speaking of teeth, you have two right now - the bottom front teeth. And there's one on top that will break through any day now. You've handled teething fairly well.
You are a happy little fellow, and we think we're pretty lucky to have you!

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